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Brian Scott is CEO of Brian Scott Digital, providing business strategy, web design and digital marketing services to small and medium size companies. Brian creates strategies to help make your business or organization thrive. He also offers consulting services to school departments and non profits.

He is also a professional public speaker and has spoken in front of audiences at Coca-Cola, the University of Georgia, Home Depot, Georgia Perimeter College and the Georgia World Congress Center.

Early on in his career Brian worked as an Education Specialist/Coordinator for the RI Educational Talent Search Program. His responsibilities included: life and study skills workshops, SAT prep, and helping students apply for scholarships and financial aid. During this time Brian was instrumental in placing over 500 Providence Public High School students into post secondary institutions such as; Brown University, Michigan State, Howard University, The University of Rhode Island and Bryant College.

He has been interviewed by Jet Magazine, The Providence Journal, The Atlanta Constitution, and CrossRoads News (a local magazine in the Atlanta metro area). Brian is also currently writing a book titled: “ The Five Keys to Business Success”.