Love, love, love the website Brian made for me! (www.lisajonew.com) And I am not all that easy to please but he was able to make me very happy. He provides a great product for a great price- an extremely very good value. Had him help with my cards, my logo and a Constant Contact marketing letter too. Great resource to help me grow my business.

Thank you Brian!

Lisa Jo New

Owner, Lisa Jo New and Assoc., Inc.

Let’s face it we take a leap of faith as business owners and we can only HOPE the right people cross our paths. Some partnerships, clients and vendors come and go and there are some that you actually build a beneficial relationship with over time and you are thankful for their presence as you pursue your dream.  Because they have proven themselves to be valuable and dependable. 

I am always finding myself utilizing Brian more and more each day as I strategically move my entertainment company  (paulagcomedy.com) forward. He knows business and keeps himself immersed in the latest business strategies that keep you relevant without losing touch with traditional business practices that are tried and proven.  I am able to focus on what will make me MONEY …the bottom line.  

I am thankful,

– Paula G

Brian is very detail oriented. I recommend Brian & the services that he has provided for VIP Sports & Entertainment , thank you so much.

May god bless your business…

– Darius