1. Choose the right text: Make sure your text matches the overall look and feel of your business. For example: if your business is an accounting firm then you probably want to have text that is “conservative”. But if your business is party planning then you probably want the text to be fun, creative, festive, etc.
  2. Choose the right color scheme: Make sure your color scheme matches your brand. Use bright colors if you’re trying to be bold and conservative colors (like black, blue, gray, white) if thats the image you’re trying to project.
  3. Make sure your logo can be viewed anywhere: Can your logo be seen clearly on a business card, a website or a billboard? Your logo needs to be viewable on all types of collateral material and devices.

    Brian Scott Digital (2016 Icon)

  4. Stand out from the competition: Your logo should not look like other logos in your industry. Also, try your best not to “copy” another logo. When you think of great logos like Nike, Apple, Beats they all have one thing in common, they stand out from the competition.
  5. Create several versions and sizes: You can have a logo with just text, a logo with just an icon or both. Use one for social media and another for business cards. Just make sure you are consistent when it comes to color, text, tone and shape of  the logo.
  6. Choose a logo that is appropriate for your business: Do you sell products, are you a nonprofit or are you catering to a younger audience. These are the some of the questions you may want to ask yourself and some things you want to consider when creating a logo. Your logo should reflect who you are and what your company is all about.
  7. If you like it, go with it: Don’t spend too much time wondering if it is the “perfect logo”. My new logo was actually created in less than five minutes. I liked the way it looked and I decided to just “go with it”. Trust me, I know what its like to spend hours or even days looking at a design and wondering whether it’s sending the right message or if people will like it. At the end of the day as long as its attractive , on brand, scalable and easy to recognize, you will be just fine.


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