The LinkedIn platform is an excellent tool if you’re trying to establish your self as a thought leader, looking for employment or promoting your small business. But I was thinking last week “how many of us are really using LinkedIn to connect” or “network” with one another. Sure we say congrats, endorse each others skills and write very nice comments but at the end of the day are we really connecting and adding value to the LinkedIn community.

Last week I reached out to about 40 people (via message) on LinkedIn and only 4 people responded. I was shocked! I expect that kind of a response on some of the other social media networks but LinkedIn is a professional network. 

Now I understand that everyone is busy but spending one hour a week on LinkedIn, talking  to colleagues on the phone or meeting for a cup of coffee can go a long way. Don’t get me wrong I too have been guilty of being inconsistent on LinkedIn. But since I’ve been more active (over the last month or two) more people have viewed my profile, read my articles and responded to my updates. Being more active on LinkedIn has also increased my clientele.

So the next time someone wants to chat or invites you out for a cup of coffee, just say Yes.

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